Cyber City Model Privacy Policy

When you are browsing the internet and our website you aren’t alone. The beneficial technology has glitches and search engines and the website gets details about the browser. All using internet are at risk provided the website you are browsing is genuine and offers you security. Cyber city model escort service ensures complete security to information received by the agency. The information that we procure is kept highly confidential with due respect to the privacy of users. It is immensely important that you have an idea of the privacy policies of websites to avoid getting troubled.

End-to-end Protected Data

Cyber city model escort service lays utmost importance on the security of data of its clients. Though we get details about you soon as you click on our site, the details are confined to the records of the agency that are inaccessible to anyone other than the core team. Take a look at the assurances of the privacy policy by the agency that are completely confirmed to every client contacting us –

  • Our agency promises high-end security to data and eventually the goodwill of our clients.
  • We collect relevant and pertinent data that is necessary for the proper conduct of the business.
  • Accessibility of data is restricted to only credible managing teams. The norms don’t allow violation of data security.
  • The data isn’t shared with a third party unless it is legal or required as per the contract with the client.
  • Third-party professionals have been engaged to protect your data that are abiding by the privacy policy of the agency to the extreme.
  • The agency ensures to keep the customer’s record updated with accuracy and sends notifications only allowed by the agency.

Your data with the cyber city

Cyber City model escort service to extend the best of the services to our clients above 18 years collect personal details of our customers like their name, age, location and contact information.

Your IP address

We procure the IP address of each client in addition to other data regarding the visit on our website. We assess the degree of engagement of our clients on each page of our website to understand the behavior of our customers.

Security to data

To provide complete security to data collected, we secure them on a secured server with limited access which ensures 100 % security for you and your data.


The technology of cookies is also executed for a great browsing experience for clients. We send cookies to the computer of the client whenever he browses our site. Some details get stored on the Ram whenever a site comes up with the cookie.

We hold the right to make amendments to the user agreement at any point in time. With the change in the privacy policy, the usage of the personal data of our clients would differ and won’t violate the revised privacy policy.

Rights of Intellectual property

  • Emblem, contents, Copyrights, content, trademarks, etc. are said to be intellectual property. All intellectual properties that we own and are on our website belong exclusively to us and restrain their use on other sites.
  • Copy or alternation of our intellectual property on other websites isn’t allowed.
  • The website’s content rights are reserved by a third party and condemn unauthorized usage without agreement or contract.
  • You are bound to keep the notices of copyright, trademark, etc. In this case, they are used by you. We hold the right to retain and own our intellectual properties unless we express it in writing.

Cyber City model escort service is devoted to protecting your personal information.